Standard and non standard functions

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All functions1 implemented for any GeneXus generator are called Standard Functions, and they are classified into 3 groups: 

  • Normal: Functions existing for all generators. E.g.: YMDTOD, GXMLines.
  • Non-Portable: Functions existing only for certain generators. E.g.: WriteRegKey, functions for text handling: dfw and dfr.
  • Deprecated: Functions for which there is a substitute. E.g.:  XTOD, UDF.

Differences are indicated with varied colors in the GeneXus editor. Normal functions are shown in Brown, Non-Portable ones in Red, and Deprecated functions in Light Brown. 

In order to save Non-standard functions, the ‘Function’ preference/property must be modified, either at the model or at the object level. Otherwise, the error message will appear upon saving or specifying the object.

1 In this context, FUNCTIONS means either the functions themselves, or the properties, methods and event control supported by GeneXus. All the functions, properties and methods included built-in GeneXus will work without changing the default value of the Standard Functions Object property.

Non Standard Functions

All functions which are not build in GeneXus are considered non standard and in order to be able to work with them is needed to set the Standard Functions Property to "Allow non standard functions"

When is it needed to use non standard function?

The typical case is when using an external functionality, implemented throught web services or native objects (Java classes, .Net assemblies, etc.).

How to apply changes

Rebuild all objects.

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