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Many aspects of the user interface are configured in controls, attributes and variables that can be modified using the Class property. When you set a class, actually you are setting several properties of the control such as font, color, border, transformations and more. GeneXus allows you to change these UI properties both at design time and at runtime just by setting the Class property.


control. Class = ThemeClass object or Value

ThemeClass object 
    Represents the class defined in the theme associated to that control.   

    Represents the name of a class defined in the theme associated to the object that contains the control. 

The value assigned to this property at runtime can be either a constant value or a variable



It is highly recommended that you use the ThemeClass:ClassName syntax, because it creates a reference to the theme class. When a string value is used, there is no way to know which classes are referenced by an object.


In the following example, the class property is assigned to a “Grid1” grid control. The class assigned to the grid is conditioned to the &import value. 

”GreenGrid” and ”BlueGrid” are two classes derived from the “Grid” predefined class. These classes are defined in the theme associated to the object that contains the control.

//ThemeClass object
If &import > 0
   Grid1.class = ThemeClass:GreenGrid
   Grid1.class = ThemeClass:BlueGrid
If &import > 0
   Grid1.class = !”GreenGrid”
   Grid1.class = !”BlueGrid”

To associate two or more classes to a control's class property, just use the '+' operator to concatenate the strings, as the following code shows:

If &import > 0
   Grid1.class = ThemeClass:GreenGrid + !" " + ThemeClass:GreenLightGrid
   Grid1.class = ThemeClass:BlueGrid + !" " + ThemeClass:BlueLightGrid


Objects: Panel for Smart Devices, Transaction, Web Panel
Platforms: Web(.Net, Java), Smart Devices(Android, IOS)

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