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Determines whether a control is visible or hidden.


control. Visible

Type returned: Boolean





0 (false) = The control will not be visible in the form.

1 (true) = The control will be visible in the form.


  • Once a control has been made “invisible” (control.Visible = 0) it remains that way until you make it visible again (control.Visible = 1). There is an exception for buttons in Transactions, by default you only need to set the rules to disable it.
  • This property does not apply to transaction’s grids.


If we want the customer’s photo to be displayed depending on his category, we should add the following rules:

bitmap.Visible = 0 if CustomerId = 2;
bitmap.Visible = 1 if CustomerId <> 2;


Objects: Panel for Smart Devices, Transaction, Web Panel, Work With for Smart Devices
Platforms: Web(.Net, Java), Smart Devices(Android, IOS)
Controls: Action Group, Attribute, Attribute/Variable, Button, Embedded Page, FileUpload, FreeStyle Grid, Grid, Image, Responsive Table, Tab, Table, Text Block, Web Component

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