Date format property (for Language Objects)

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Specifies the format in which all the dates will be accepted and displayed when generating applications using this language.


ANSI (Y/M/D) The date type format will be yy/mm/dd. When this value is used, dates are accepted and displayed in YMD format; two digits are always displayed. If you want to take into account the picture, use the ToFormattedString method.
English mm/dd/yy
Italian dd/mm/yy
Portuguese dd/mm/yy
Spanish dd/mm/yy


Objects: Language


This property is offered for each Language object to allow selecting the date format associated with that language.

After that, when a certain Language object is set to be used, the dates are handled with the format that was set for it.


ANSI case

&vCurrentDate = serverdate() // Picture is 9999/99/99
&vstr1 = &vCurrentDate.ToString() // assume the date is 2020/12/31
&vstr2 = &vCurrentDate.ToFormattedString()
//&vstr1 is 20/12/31
//&vstr2 is 2020/12/31

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