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Controls the keys which are available to switch between fields of a generated program. This exclusively affects the Edit control types (it does not affect Radio Buttons, Combo Boxes, etc).


Tab, Shift-Tab The forward movement is done with the Tab key, and the Shift-Tab key combination will move backwards. This is the default value.
Passing Last Char When the last char is reached, it automatically moves to the next control.
Enter, Tab, Shift-Tab Similar to Tab, Shift-Tab but upon pressing Enter it moves to the Next control too.

How to apply changes

Build any object.


 If the focus is on a multiline VarChar or LongVarChar control, and the property is set with the value “Enter, Tab, Shift-Tab,” in order to add lines you will have to press Ctrl+Enter.


Languages   .NET, Java, Visual FoxPro, Ruby (as of GeneXus X Evolution 2 upgrade 5)

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