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Allows to know what occurs in the JDBC connections to the data bases.


No The log will not be activated. This is the default value.
Yes The log will be activated.


This property allows to generate a jdbc log file with useful information for debugging purposes:

  • Jdbc driver version, jdbc connection string, connection pool parameters.
  • Java generator version, and classpath.
  • Creation, reuse and recycle of jdbc connections.
  • SQL sentences executed, and parameters assigned to them.
  • Time elapsed between SQL sentences.
  • SQL Sentence pool status.
  • Any JDBC error thrown by the JDBC driver is shown in the JDBC log.

The JDBC log can be generated by connection (one trace per connection) or all the JDBC connections can be shown in the same trace log (Use unique names property).

How to apply changes

To apply changes made by this property, do a Build with this Only of the object.


Platforms: Web(Java)

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