Server TCP/IP Port Property

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It's where we indicate the port to be used by the instance in order to communicate and exchange data with client applications. 


Port specification is not optional, and the default value is the same as the one taken by the drivers when they are not specified (it's different for each DBMS, but the same one for the different generators).


Default by each DBMS:

  • Informix : 1526
  • SQL Server: 1433 (Except for ADO.NET, where it is empty. If 1433 were specified, connection would only be possible through TCP/IP, which is not always enabled.)
  • Oracle: 1521
  • DB2 UDB : 50000
  • MySQL : 3306
  • PostgreSQL : 5432

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DBMSs: SQL Server, Oracle, DB2 UDB, Informix, PostgreSQL, MySQL