Use Datasource for Web Based Applications Property

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It allows you to select a JDBC datasource in order to connect to the DBMS.


False It will use the standard JDBC connection. For this case GeneXus includes standard classes (packaged in the GeneXus Standard Classes) to handle database connections. When connection pooling is needed refer to Enable Connection Pooling property. This is the default value.
True It will use a JDBC Datasource from the Application server used to connect to the DBMS, make sure to set the JDBC Datasource property and create the Datasource in the Application server.


The Use Datasource for Web Based Applications property defined which component is in charge of the Database access.

When using the false value, a set of GeneXus Standard classes implementing the standard JDBC connection will be used. The GeneXus Standard Classes control the connection; see also the Server connection pooling section properties.

When using the true value, the Application Server Datasource is in charge of the Database access.

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Drivers: JDBC
DBMSs: SQL Server, Oracle, iSeries Native, DB2 Universal Database, Informix, PostgreSQL, MySQL

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