Recycle Type Property

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It specifies the type of recycle that will be done when recycle is enabled (Recycle Pool Connections Property = True).


By creation time The value (in minutes) entered in the “Recycled time” property will be considered. (client.cfg entry corresponds to RecycleRWType=1). This is the default value.
By idle time It is considered as soon as the connection is idle. (client.cfg entry corresponds to RecycleRWType=2)


Supposing that:

Recycle Time (Minutes) = Y

The objective is that when a new connection is required, it looks for one connection in the pool that is free to be used. If such connection has been created since X time or been idle for X time, where X >= Y, depending on the property value, this connection is recycled (destroyed) and a new one that doesn’t have those characteristics is sought until finding one or, if there is none, a new one is created.


Acces technology set: JDBC
DBMSs: SQL Server, Oracle, iSeries Native, DB2 UDB, Informix, PostgreSQL, MySQL

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