DBMS Options for iSeries Native Technology

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Nodo Access technology settings
    Access technology to set: iSeries Native
    Data library name
    Programs library name
    Create save file
    Name of journal
    Order attributes in file
Nodo Creation/Reorganization information
    Database Schema
    Primary Key Definition
    Declare Referential Integrity
    Default tables storage area
    Default Indices Storage Area
    Default temporary storage area
    Generate COMMENT ON statements
    Enable national language support property
Nodo Database Information
    Lock time-out (seconds)
     DB2 Universal Database
    DB2UDB version
    OS for iSeries version
    Database type
    Lock Mode
    Informix version
    Generate FOR UPDATE clause
    Declare Varchar as Varchar2
    Oracle version
     SQL Server
    SQL Server version
    PostgreSQL version
    MySQL version