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Forces all Model programs (Creation/Reorganization programs and Application programs) to point to a specific SCHEMA.


Specified the schema name.

How to apply changes

Rebuild all objects


Some of the DBMSs (Oracle, DB2) accept that database objects be qualified with respect to a "SCHEMA". This means that two different objects with the same name are able to exist because they belong to different SCHEMAS.
An application which makes use of this facility is when different schemas are being implemented for each different version of the application (Development, Test and Production), but all of them are defined over the same database.


  • This is strictly necessary for some DBMSs working over some platforms that only allow the use of one Database (Oracle-NetWare).
  • In SQLServer Database Manager this property referred to the user.


Languages: .Net, Java, Visual FoxPro (up to GeneXus X Evolution 3)
DBMS: SQL Server, Oracle, Informix, PostgreSQL

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