Data Library Name Property

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To define the name of the Data Library.


Data Library name
Default Value = GXDBnnn., where nnn represents the number of the Knowledge Base Model.

How to apply changes

Rebuild all objects


Two automatically generated libraries are required by the iSeries environment.
One of the libraries contains the DATA LIBRARY databse, and the other contains all PROGRAMS LIBRARY programs. The first is referred in that property.

This library will contain your application's data. It only holds the application's tables and indices. GeneXus will not place in this library programs or display files.


  • GXDBnnn, nnn is serially generated for each new model. This is valid for both Prototype and Production environments, and the numbering is independent for each of them.
  • It is strongly recommended that the Library be named, otherwise you may loose the Data Library when creating a Data library for a Model with the same number as the other Knowledge Base.


Languages: Cobol, RPG
Technologies to Access Data: iSeries Native

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