Name of Journal Property

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Specifies the name of the journal to which the application tables will be associated. This journal must exist.


Specified the Journal name. You must indicate: [ LIBRARY/ ] NAME

How to apply changes

Create database | Rebuild all objects


  • If the values of this configuration option are modified it will be necessary to change the current application table association, so as to adjust to the change. Future reorganizations will use the new journal.
  • If this option is omitted, the journal used will be QSQJRN in the data library. The data library will be used if LIBRARY is omitted. The tables will not be associated to any journal if a journal does not exist.
  • When working with transactional integrity in the iSeries and Data Views, for the Data Views to have transactional integrity, they must be in the same journal used for GeneXus tables. This property may be used to change the name of the journal.


Languages: Cobol, RPG
Technologies to Access Data: iSeries Native.

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