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Beta 2 adds to Beta 1 a GeneXus Server with more features and stability making Team Development easy, a better performance and user experience to your Enterprise Level Applications and also a greater Developer Experience.

(If you didn't use any previous beta or alfa of Evolution 1, please refer to GeneXus X Evolution 1.)

Main Features and improvements since Beta 1:

Team Development

  • stability to the internal merge and date handling algorithms and other improvements to the underlaying arquitecture of GeneXus Server
  • New Dialogs in GeneXus IDE to be better integrated with server's changes and to easier update and be updated

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Enterprise Level Applications

  • New standard web controls: GXGoogle Visualization Library
  • Pivot in web with a super-enhanced multiplatform Query Viewer.
  • jscript performance and http traffic optimizations
  • performance optimization in data access layer: for eachs with WHEN clause are also generated as prepared SELECTs
  • CHM help generation support added
  • Ruby incorporated the Rack interface enabling to be deployed on more servers. Run install.bat (under <GeneXus Home>\gxruby\win folder) before generating Ruby. This script installs all the necessary gems required under c:\ruby folder.
  • New web control to integrate flow components (inbox, outbox, my processes, etc) in applications

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Developer Experience

  • Automatic definition of Variables
  • optimizations in build process showing results sooner and building faster
  • compilations times in java dramatically improved
  • debugging fixes and improvements
  • new maximums / limits allow bigger KBs
  • history of objects is easier to read, revisions can be compared better
  • Build your own Inbox based on the sample Inbox that shows how to use the Workflow Api

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  • NGenMod: you can have multiple generators per environment. RPG or COBOL can reorganize and another can be the default one
  • many KB conversion issues fixed

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A detailed list of news and fixes since Beta 1 can also be found un the Night Builds log

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