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Indicates whether the task is ad-hoc.




Objects: Business Process Diagram
Controls: Task


If the task is ad-hoc, when a task workitem is completed from the GXflow Client, a dialog will be shown allowing the user to choose the task through which the process will continue, and to select the users responsible for each of those tasks. In this dialog, the user will also be able to indicate whether the process is finished, by executing the "End" task. Please note that an ad-hoc task does not necessarily require a connection through paths towards successor tasks.

Also, use this property for processes. When a process Is ad-hoc, all its interactive tasks will be Ad-Hoc too, regardless of what is assigned in their “Is Ad-Hoc” preference. This can be configured in the process diagram properties by selecting the “Is ad-hoc” property.


Default False.
True The task is ad-hoc. In this case, the Multiple Choice, Custom Ad-Hoc Application and Custom Assign Application properties are enabled.
False The task is not ad-hoc.

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