WorkflowBusinessEventInstance Data Type

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This Data Type represents an event corresponding to a Business Process Diagram object instance. It inherits all the properties of the Event object. It is provided by the Workflow API.


Property Type Access Description
Id WorkflowActivityId  Read Identifier
Created DateTime Read Created DateTime
Ended DateTime Read Ended DateTime
State WorkflowBusinessEventInstanceState Read State
ProcessDefinition WorkflowProcessDefinition Read Process definition
ProcessDefinitionId WorkflowProcessDefinitionId Read Identifier of the process definition
BusinessEvent WorkflowBusinessEvent Read Business Event
BusinessEventId WorkflowBusinessEventId Read Business Event Id
ProcessInstance WorkflowProcessInstance Read Process Instance
ProcessInstanceId WorkflowProcessInstanceId Read Process Instance Id
Error WorkflowError Read Error Code
NodeInstance WorkflowNodeInstance Data Type Read Node Instance


  • Load

Allows loading a BusinessEvent.


  Name Type Movement Description
1 ProcessDefinitionId WorkflowProcessDefinitionId Input Process Definition Id 
2 Id WorkflowActivityId  Input  


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