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To define a development methodology in order to optimize teamwork with GeneXus and GXserver, and specify how to manage an application from the beginning, following all the development stages involved (Development, Test, Production).

If you are using GeneXus X Evolution 1 Upgrade 4 or later please refer to Version Management and Work Methodology with GeneXus Server article instead of continuing reading this one.

Different scenarios will be examined and the suggested way to work with GeneXus and GeneXus Server will be explained for each one of them.

Adding another Developer to the Development Team

When a new member is added to the Development team, he/she must perform a Create KB from Server of the Main Development Version, because developers only work connected to that version.

Guidelines for Working with KBs on GXserver

  • What’s desirable is to have a single development and test KB
  • The version tree must always be kept on the server; the KB's lifecycle happens there. If there are 2 versions on the server, the following can be done:
    • Create KB of a version (there I define 2 KBs, each one associated with a version of the server).
    • One KB with all the versions saved in the server. But if I create a new version in the server I have to perform a Create KB from Server operation again to have all the existing versions again. I don’t have the option to update only one version.

Application Backup

To back up the application, the only thing that has to be done is back up the KB stored on GXserver.

Advantages of Working with GXserver

  • It facilitates the integration of the development team.
  • It enables Versioning the application being developed (Tracking of Versions, for example, knowledge of released versions, etc).
  • It makes it possible to manage all the application’s stages up to Deployment, in a single KB, just by creating versions to manage the various teams involved in the application development process.
  • Backup of the application: with just a backup of the KB saved on GXserver.


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