HowTo: Debug User Control for iOS

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The following document explains the steps to follow in order to debug your User Control or External Object for Smart Devices; in this case the iOS environment.

  • The first thing is to have an implementation of your User Control or External Object (it could be empty).
  • Copy the lib to the UserControls folder in your GeneXus environment.
  • Build the project from GeneXus in order to transfer the whole project to your Mac.
  • Once in the Mac, open the associated Xcode project; by detault it is located under /Users/UserName/Documents/Projects/KnowledgeBaseName/DashboardName
  • Delete the reference to the External Object or UC library and add a reference to the Xcode project.
  • Add the External Object | UC project as a dependency in order to get it built.
  • Now you can insert the required breakpoints in the desired classes and the application will stop there during the debug session.

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