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Sets a message that will be shown for the field to invite the user to enter specific data.


Generators: .NET, .NET Framework, Android, Apple, Java
Level: Attribute, Variable


This property allows entering a text that will be shown for the field to inform the kind of information that is expected.

In text boxes, this is generally solved by placing a gray text inside the text box that disappears when the focus is on it or when a value is entered.

The property is used when the control is not read-only.


  • In order to show the invite message for Numeric attribute/variable definitions, you must ensure that their Picture property has the 'ZZZZ' value.
    Otherwise, the value 0 is displayed instead of the invite message.
  • The Invite Message property is only generated if, at the environment level, the HTML Document Type property is set to HTML5.
  • For the Native Mobile generator, when the Invite Message property has the same value as the Caption property, and the Label Position property is None, the label won't be displayed. Only the invite message will be shown.

Since GeneXus 18 Upgrade 2, this property is taken into account for Wheel Control for Native Mobile apps.


In the following example, you can see the InviteMessage property of the CustomerName attribute filled with the text “Enter your name”:

InviteMessage Property In-Design Example - v18-1

The result at runtime is as follows:

InviteMessage Property In-Design Example v18 - 2

There are cases where this may be used as an alternative to labels.

InviteMessage Property Example4

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