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Java Generator Specific Section


The Java Generator is more J2EE than ever ! This section describes all changes and improvements made to GeneXus 9.0 Java Generator.

This new version of the generator stands out mainly because of its EJB support

J2EE is a specification of certain APIs designed by Sun to create applications that run in application servers. The Java Generator already supported many of these APIs, such as JDBC, servlets, JNDI, WAR deployments, etc, but Enterprise Java Beans have just been implemented in GeneXus .

Do you know how your web application really works? How many users are connected at this time? How many connections are opened, recycled, and closed? What is the average and maximum time that a user waits for a connection? Monitoring and management support has been implemented to provide fast and easy answers to all these questions!

New Features

EJB Support

GeneXus procedures can be generated as EJB, so they can run inside an EJB Container of a J2EE Server. They are generated as stateless session beans and message driven beans.
Also, the Business Components can be exposed as EJB.

EAR Deployment

The EAR Deployment Wizard is a utility that allows you to build an EAR (Enterprise archive resource) of your GeneXus EJB Application.

Monitoring and Management

Today's large applications need additional help to be viable, such as tools that give us information about the system's performance. In this way, we can identify problems in the system configuration or other critical areas that need tuning.

For this reason, a new monitoring and management tool based on JMX Support was implemented.
Read more information here

New way of generating Excel and Word documents

Now, there is another way to generate Excel and Word documents, which does not need to interact with MS Office.
GeneXus 9.0 version provides the possibility of generating Excel documents without the need to interact with Office. This also applies to Word files. It is quite useful in web applications, where the use of gxoffice is not recommended on account of scalability reasons.
Read more information here

All Java utilities have been grouped in a separate jar, named GxUtils.jar. This package is distributed with the Java Generator and can be executed from the Developer Menu - Utilities menu.
Some new utilities have been implemented and added to the list:


A new way of managing UTLs, named JTA Support (Java Transaction API), has been implemented for java web applications that connect to the database using a JNDI datasource.

New DbConnection Properties

To connect to a datasource at runtime -through the Before Connect new model property- the following properties of the DbConnection data type were implemented: UseExternalDatasource and ExternalDatasourceName? .
Read more information here

jTDS driver for SQL server

A new value has been added to the list of drivers available for SQL server.
jTDS ( is an open source, 100% pure Java (type 4) JDBC 3.0 driver for Microsoft SQL Server (6.5, 7, 2000 and 2005).

Cleaner Code

As from this version, the generated code is cleaner and more readable.
For example, the method that implements the pseudo-transactional dialog was called 'chkps;' its name has now been changed to 'CheckOptimisticConcurrency.' In the event that you need to explore the generated code, you will find it easier to understand. Camel casing is also used. The 'init_no_key' method is now called 'InitializeNonKey.'


  • In GX 9.0 when inserting data which length is bigger than the attribute length (in the database) an exception is throw instead of truncating the value (in 8.0 version). More information in SAC 19087.
  • The default value of the 'Client Side Validation' Model Property has been changed from No to Yes.
  • The default value of the 'Text Report Output' Model Property has been changed from Report Viewer to Text.
  • We would like to make the following recommendations to users who have been working with previous versions of the generator:
  • This version can only be used with GeneXus 9.0, and is not compatible with previous versions (8.0, 7.5, etc.).
  • GeneXus standard classes ( have changed; thus, they are not compatible with the previous ones. This implies that all models generated with an older version than Java 9.0 must be regenerated. To do so, run a 'Build all' to regenerate all the objects.

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