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App for events, where the community can schedule and view information about the conferences, speakers, rooms and general information related to the event.

  • Schedule your favorites conferences.
  • See all the information about the speakers, rooms, sessions.
  • Check out what people are saying about the conference on twitter.

GeneXus features

Feature KB Version Objects Comments Availability
Theme for Smart Devices object All Themes for SD , objects generated by patterns and SDPanels. Detailed use of Themes for Smart Devices that improves the User Experience of the application. xev2u3
Twitter API for Smart Devices All SDPanel EventTweets Post and read Tweets using the Twitter API for Smart Devices xev2u3


The Trunk version has been developed and designed for GeneXus X Evolution 2 Upgrade 3.

EventDay in action!

This app is the result of generating the KB, as is.

Online Apps based on this KB

These apps are based on the KB, but may have been customized.

InfoTrends 2013 (Brasil)

AWS Summit 2013 (Brasil)

BrasilShop 2013 (Brasil)

ACEC/Arizona (USA)

Midwest Urban District Forum (USA)

UyEncendido (Uruguay)

ATC 2013 (Valencia, Spain)

Proyecto 145 AACF (Friends of Cience Fiction Asociation meetup, Palma de Mallorca, Spain 2013) 

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