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Welcome to Travel Agency Knowledge Base documentation!

This Knowledge Base represents the development of an application for a travel agency.

Part of the application is to be used only by the staff of the travel agency (backend) to enter data about the countries, cities and tourist attractions they offer, as well as information on flights, customers and so on. 

The application also includes a part for end-users (frontend), which allows them to query the tours available and the main tourist attractions offered by each city.

Both the backend and frontend are developed for a web environment, and some functions of both parts are also available for access from mobile devices.

The intention is to guide these developments, through the GeneXus course (version 16).

As GeneXus is multi-platform, you are able to generate your application in different programming languages, for different platforms, and for different databases. 

GeneXus offers a Full version and a Trial version. For the web part, when working with the Full version, you can choose to generate the source code in Java or .Net. Since the course was developed using GeneXus Trial, .Net is the language that can be used to generate the source code.

For the module on mobile devices you could generate apps for Android cell phones or tablets, or for iOS that is used in the iPhone or iPad; both platforms are available in both the Trial and Full versions. Android is used in this course.

GeneXus also makes it possible to generate the application in the cloud, which saves you from installing the software for the web server and the database on your computer, as would be the case if you wanted to work locally. More specifically, with the Trial version, you can only prototype in the cloud (GeneXus uses the Amazon cloud), but this greatly simplifies the installation and allows you to access the data entered into the application from the mobile devices.

To record all the changes made to your application, use GeneXus Server.

The Travel Agency Knowledge Base solution is provided:

  • In the server:
  • With the name: TravelAgencyGX16

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