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In order to work with the examples from the various courses and documents, we recommend installing the latest version of GeneXus and/or the tool to be used.

In addition, you must also have at least one DBMS supported by GeneXus (read GeneXus and the DBMSes).

Comprehensive documentation is available with examples that make reference to a data model stored in the TravelAgency KB. It can be installed directly from a GXserver provided by Artech at To do so, follow the steps indicated in Knowledge Base from GXserver.


Preparing the environment for GXquery test

To test GXquery, first is need to prepare the work environment. First of all, you need to have installed all the above explained. Then, follow the next steps.

1. Execute the Create Database Tables option.
2. Under the Tools folder, open the "DatabaseInitializeDelete" Web Panel and execute this with the Build/Run With This Only option.
3. When the Web Panel is open, click "Initialize" button.

That's all.


If you need to recreate the database, remember to do this using the Create Database Tables option before execute the Web Panel.

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