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GeneXus maintains several DBMSes, it generates code for the programs that access the databases and also generates the database reorganization programs.

The following is a list of relational database management systems that supports GeneXus. More specifically, it is a list of the available data store property values in the preferences of an Environment

(1) - Since GeneXus 17 Upgrade 11

Nevertheless, that was not a complete list of all the supported DBMSes; reasons that make the list wider are: a) Some have been branched or forked (open source, commercial reasons) (i.e. ClearDB MySQL, MariaDB), b) some are provided as a Cloud Database and under that concept changed it's name (i.e. ElephantSQL is a PostgreSQL)

The following is a list of those others:

NOTE: this is a generic document about GeneXus and the DBMSes. To know about the supported GeneXus version for each DBMS and version needed, check the specific documentation of the requirements of the GeneXus version or directly in the DBMS documentation.

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