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This article is an overview of GeneXus 17 Upgrade 11 features (compared to GeneXus 17 Upgrade 10) and what needs to be taken into account to adopt it.

Upgrade 11 was released on September 2nd, 2022.



This upgrade adds more encapsulation possibilities for UI modeling and improved user experience in Angular applications. For the backend, it includes a new build system in .NET that is integrated with Nuget and allows accelerated technology update cycles, a new DBMS for the Chinese market to comply with local regulations,  and APIs and other features that add flexibility for high-scalability and cloud scenarios. Test modeling has been empowered by organizing Tests so that they can be packaged and by adding a new object to model tests of some REST APIs.

UI Modeling




  • Test objects are stored in a separate module in order to facilitate module packaging
  • New Rest Test object allows you to test REST Procedures and Data Providers

Compatibility & Installation

All Details (Features, more Compatibility aspects, Issues)

Please check these links for additional features, compatibility aspects, issues, and details:

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Note: This is the last upgrade of GeneXus 17, the next official version is GeneXus 18. Goodbye GeneXus 17!.

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