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This article is an overview of GeneXus 17 Upgrade 4 features (compared to GeneXus 17 upgrade 3) and what needs to be taken into account to adopt it.

Upgrade 4 has been released on July the 6th, 2021



First of all, we are proud to announce that this upgrade ships the first official release of the Angular generator.

Furthermore, this upgrade includes overall stability and developer experience improvements in the IDE, for mobile app developers, testers, among others.  It ships also more power for UX customization of applications, improvements in security and performance. The following are some highlights

Angular Generator

Chatbot Generator

  • Integration with Telegram

Native Mobile Generators


Security Improvements


  • You can set test values for domains
  •  Contextual menu options for running  unit tests
  • Several other improvements for Developer Experience



  • JSON serialization fixes that may affect compatibility. More information at SAC 49145


  • Android
  • iOS
    • A new iOS Flexible Client Deprecations page has been created, that lists the deprecated elements that will be removed in future versions.
    • Objective-C support for creating External Objects and user controls will be dropped in future versions. See details.
  • .NET (C#)
    • .NET Framework 4.6.2 is the minimum required version



  • This upgrade is not compatible with GXflow + Informix. If you need to update your GXflow+Informix installation to this version, please contact the support team.

All Details (Features, Compatibility aspects, Issues)

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