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This article is an overview of GeneXus 17 Upgrade 7 features (compared to GeneXus 17 Upgrade 6) and what needs to be taken into account to adopt it.

Upgrade 7 has been released on December 20th, 2021.



This is an important Security, Technology, and stability update. It updates external libraries with recently known vulnerabilities (specifically the log4j library too). Its generators now generate for the latest technologies: Android 12, Angular 13, OpenAPI 3, Facebook API 11. Furthermore, the .NET Core (actually .NET 5) generator has almost all the features of the .NET Framework Generator so that you can move your projects to this evolving technology easily.


  • Log4j library updated to 2.16 to fix important security issues that may have affected your Java applications. More information at SAC 50554

Language improvements


  • Support for Android 12 (API = 31)
  • Locations: Support for different levels of accuracy in Android


  • The angular generator now generates for Angular 13
  • New prototyping options
    • deployed on Local Web Server: Tomcat (Java) or IIS/Kestrel (.NET)
    • deployed on GeneXus cloud


  • REST APIs are exposed with OpenAPI version 3.0


  • New platform for .NET 5 and iSeries added



  • Geopoint attributes are supported in query definition and in maps visualization. See Maps in QueryViewer
  • Expressions with GeoPoint attributes can be expressed with comparison using "=" or "<>" or some of the functions that can be applied to this data type : IsEmpty(), IsNull(), FromWKT(), ToWKT() and Distance().



  • Import from Sketch: Support for gradients, and spacings in strings
  • SVG image format support in IDE and all generators
  • Geographies: Distance is calculated in the DBMS
  • Client.Socket in Web objects


  • Extensibility: Deprecations and Removals in Android and Apple flexible clients
    • As announced in GeneXus 17 upgrade 4, support for creating External Objects and User Controls in Objective-C has been dropped in this upgrade. That means that classes previously available for Objective-C may be migrated to Swift without further notice. See details
  • "API Gateway" has been removed from "Open API Version" Property values when Generate OpenAPI interface property is ON. (Not required anymore for AWS Serverless Deployments)
  • Facebook API 11 is used to connect via OAuth 2.0 to Facebook. More information: SAC 50406
  • Distance between geographical points in MySQL is now more precise. More information: SAC 50302
  • API Object (Java): Variables marked as collections are now returned as sequence (as in .NET). More information: SAC 50234

All Details (Features, Compatibility aspects, Issues)

Please check these links for further features, compatibility aspects, issues, and details of the already mentioned.

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Please send any issue that does not happen in previous versions to gxpreview at so that we can fix it before releasing Upgrade 7.

If you want improvements to features, please join the Beta Testers Channel at

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