ADO.NET provider property

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Sets the ADO.NET provider used to connect with the DBMS.


HIS Data Provider
IBM Data Provider
Oracle Managed Driver
Microsoft Data Provider
MySQL Connector
Oracle Data Provider


Available at the Data Store.
Data Store: Oracle, iSeries, MySQL
Generators: .NET, .NET Framework


The offered values depend on the Data Store set for the Environment.


In particular, the 'Oracle Managed Driver' value offered when the Data Store is Oracle has been available since GeneXus 15 U12. It allows you to connect to 10g Release 2 (or later) from .Net applications without having the Oracle client installed.

It is useful when you want to upload the application to a PAAS and nothing can be installed on the server.

The dll must be copied to the web\bin directory or put in the GAC to work at runtime. It can be downloaded from

You must also copy the Oracle tnsnames.ora to the web or web\bin directory for command-line programs.

If Enable Integrated Security property is set to True, copy the dll and Oracle tnsnames.ora to the corresponding GAM platform installation directory (<GeneXus path>\Library\GAM\Platforms\netOracle)


MySQL Connector ( is a fully managed ADO.NET provider.

MySQLDriverCS ( is not fully managed; it requires an extra dlls (see MySQL driver for .NET installation for Mysql 4.x to 5.x and SAC #43792 for Mysql 8).

More information at ADO.NET drivers for MySQL



Runtime/Design time

This property applies only at design time.

How to apply changes

To apply the corresponding changes when the property value is configured, Build any object.