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Often, when we develop for devices with medium or large screens, we want to use more than one grid per component to display the information. In GeneXus X Evolution 2 we can only define one grid with navigation per panel, so if we want to create another one we have to use an SDT to load it. But there is a problem, using SDTs make us lose some grid properties such as pagining, order's values, among others.
But, as from GeneXus X Evolution 3 RC (codename: Tilo) we can create multiple grids on a SDPanel or WWSD without the need of using SDTs

Multiple grids


Each grid that is not loaded from an SDT has a base table associated so it allows us to define some properties such as Orders, Breaks by, Searches and Conditions for each grid separately. We can edit them in the tab Data of the grid properties.
Grid - Data properties

Note that when you have grids in different layouts with the same ControlName, the properties mentioned above are shared between them. For example, if we are editing the order values for Grid1 in a layout, it is being edited for the Grid1 of the other layouts too. 


  • Values ​​for Search, Advanced Search, Break By only make sense for grids, therefore they are removed from the general conditions tab.
  • The values ​​of order for the Form are defined in the Order rule, although its usefulness is unclear, since in the fixed part, if well programmed, only one record is displayed, that the developer must have uniquely identified.
  • Attributes in the grid's conditions are involved in determining the grid's base table, not those which are in the general conditions.

Conversion process

  • The Orders, Break By and Searches move to the main grid. In the case that a main grid does not exists, the Orders are defined in the Order rules.
  • The Conditions are duplicated in the Form and main grid.


This layout contains two grids with different properties (Orders, Searches,..) and base table associated.

HBO example


As from GeneXus X Evolution 3 RC (codename: Tilo)

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