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When using GeneXus Server X Evolution 2 or previous versions, developers must remember to include the properties if changes are made. However as of GeneXus X Evolution 3 RC (codename: Tilo) in changes made to Versions, Environments, Generators, and Data Stores, properties are automatically added to the Pending Commit list. Consequently, the Pending Commit list will display all changes, thus making the Commit to GeneXus Server operation easier for the developer.
It is also common for developers to change properties from a Knowledge Base

Most of such changes don’t actually have the effect intended, so, restoring to an older revision might prove useful.
For example, this feature allows restoring properties back to default value in a Knowledge Base hosted on GeneXus Server. This is as simple as right-clicking on the property and using the 'Use Default' option. The commit will then update the value of the property on GeneXus Server.

There will be an object for each Version, Environment, Generator, and Data Store,  maintaining all revisions. Changes made to the Versions, Environments, Generator, and Data Stores properties will automatically create a new revision and add the corresponding object to the Pending Commit list. Therefore, changes committed — involving these objects — to a Knowledge Base hosted by GeneXus Server will be Pending for Update on the other working Knowledge Bases.


  • Knowledge Base properties will not have revisions. If changes are made and must be Committed the "Add Knowledge Base properties to list" checkbox should be checked. The same happens when Updating, where the "KB Properties" checkbox of the Scope section must be checked in order for changes to be updated.
  • Changes made to User Properties are not involved in either Commit to GeneXus Server or Update From GeneXus Server operations, so changes to this kind of properties will never be pending for commit or update.
  • The Revert Operation is not supported for Version, Environment, Generator and Data Store objects.
  • Although all revisions will be maintained for each Version, Environment, Generator and Data Store object, the user will not be able to see them as in other objects' History and Differences.


  • Definition for the MSbuild Task of the Update operation has changed. If you were using this task, please see the new definitions at Team Development MSBuild Tasks.
  • In order for this feature to work, GeneXus and GeneXus Server must be GeneXus X Evolution 3 RC (codename: Tilo) or later.
  • Version, Environment, Generator and Data Store properties are not backward compatible. Importing properties into an older version is not supported. 


As of GeneXus X Evolution 3 RC (codename: Tilo).

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