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Sometimes in our applications we need to evalute special conditions or use auxiliar methods, on User Events. To acomplish that on GeneXus X Evolution 2 we needed to call a procedure to evaluate the condition (or exectue the method) and return the result back. As from GeneXus X Evolution 3, we are able to evaluate complex conditions, and use auxiliar methods on User Events. 
The following things could be inside an expression:

  • Variables
  • Attributes
  • Constants
  • Methods
  • Functions
  • Control properties
  • Operators (+, -, *, /, ^)


Event 'clientEvent'
     &Number1 = 45
     &Number2 = 34
     If &Number1 > &Number2
       msg('Condition evaluated successfully')
Event 'clientEvent'
     &String = &Number.ToString()


The following are some of the benefits of this feature: 

  • Avoid calling a procedure for every complex condition evaluated on user events.
  • Avoid calling a procedure for every auxiliar method used on user events.
  • More clarity on your GeneXus code.

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