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One aspect that stands is the Event execution on the client side since X Evolution 3 which determines that the user interaction with the application is more rapid and fluid.

The user interfaces generated are intuitive and Smooth, and the whole web application is performant because of the mechanisms used to solve the client side - server side dialogue.

Why is it called a Smooth Web UX?

The following characteristics are related to the Smooth Web UX of the applications:

  • Optimized event execution scheme

The execution event is optimal, in such a way that only the necessary events are executed and no others. This implies that the page will refresh less, the user will be given feedback rapidly, and only the minimal information is sent through the network. 
Moreover, developing a web object is very easy and intuitive thanks to the Event Execution Scheme

  • Optimized navigation between pages

The navigation between pages is solved using AJAX, and it is implemented using Single Page Applications.

Navigating through different pages is more intuitive to the user because of the Graceful Degradation given by the Transitions, which can be designed the way that fit better to the application.

  • Instant notifications 

Through the Server.Socket external object, the user can be notified of any event without the need of refreshing the web page, because it is the server which sends the notification. This is implemented using Web sockets. See HowTo:Develop a messaging web page for a case study.

What shall I do to use Smooth Web UX in GeneXus

Just configure Web User Experience property.

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Compatibility Considerations

Converting to Smooth Web UX

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