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This article is an overview of what Upgrade 6 features (compared to Upgrade 5) and what needs to be taken into account in order to adopt it.

Status: Released on 31st October, 2014



GeneXus X Evolution 2 Upgrade 6 adds some features that impact user experience of generated applications and compatibility with the latest involved technologies. It fixes +200 issues and improves developer productivity too.


  • Combo values can be selected with one tap, improving UX (SAC 36383)

Android & iOS

  • SDT Member controls on layouts can have dynamic combo boxes associated to it. (SAC 33062)

Web Generators

  • New printing mechanism that avoids using an applet (SAC 36459)
  • New method allows to access raw response of a SOAP Web Service  (SAC 34896)
  • Java 8 Support added (SAC 36411)
  • Java: New Twitter libraries included (SAC 36404)
  • .NET: Native SMTPClient used in SMTPSession (SAC 36407)
  • .NET: IIS 8.5 version support added (SAC 35105)


  • New warning spc0208 happens on non triggered actions (SAC 35229)
  • New warning spc0200 happens when a non implemented method is used in a specific platform (SAC 36296)
  • Msbuild task CheckKnowledgebase helps to fragmentation of indexes of KB (it's underlaying SQL Server database) and gain performance in IDE and Build (SAC 35851)


Compatibility Notes for X Evolution 2 Upgrade 5 or prior users

  • Mayor fixes in the protection system. Version 9.5.14 of the protection is required in order to use this or higher versions. This upgrade must be installed using the GeneXus setup. If you are using  the centralized licenses scheme and/or the GeneXus Protection Server, you must download and install version 9.5.14 or higher.
    Error "Invalid protection version XXX, required version 9.5.14 or higher." will be displayed if the protection is outdated.
    See SAC #36269 for further details.

Please check here for more details the release notes of each product, tool or component.

Compatibility Notes for X Evolution 2 Upgrade 4 or prior users


Before releasing, some previews were available, see GeneXus X Evolution 2 Upgrade 6 Preview for details.

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