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01/30/2015 - GeneXus X Evolution 3 Upgrade 2 has been released! (build 87933) 

GeneXus X Evolution 3 Upgrade 2 previews are part of the releasing process of Upgrade 2. They are intended to round up Upgrade 2 and facilitate adoption once released.

Features and compatibility information

Refer to GeneXus X Evolution 3 Upgrade 2


Preview 6 (Build 87933)

  • fix: Web: Field XXX is out of range related to combo box variables (readonly or with empty item and Value Range property set)
  • fix: iOS 8: fixes related to "More..." tab
  • fix: iOS: fix app crash when selecting image
  • fix: Java Web, Smooth: fix related to Date field bound to Business Component in grid
  • fix: Java Web: http 403 forbidden in GAM and Flow due to JSON serialization problems of Date fields
  • fix: GXserver: fix related to locks handling.

Preview 5 (Build 87166)

  • fix: build error when only the offline database was required to be built
  • fix: java: / jscript:  date serialization issue fixed
  • fix: validation balloon didn't show up correctly after 2nd validation
  • fix: iOS: Fix tap over phone domain was not cancelable in iOS < 8 on iPhone
  • fix: .NET System.IndexOutOfRangeException in border case of substring function

Preview 4 (Build 86963)

  • fix: Java: SAC 37001 related to tostring of time fields
  • fix: GXserver: SAC 28438 fix to temporary files handling
  • fix: Build errors related to multiple concurrent specifier instances (Build with this only didn't generate in some cases, etc)
  • fix: GXflow: labels on charts fixed
  • fix: Team Development: fixes to cache handling to solve commit issues related to theme classes
  • fix: iOS: Fixes to App crash on Image Gallery's Share button
  • fix: iOS: fixes to iOS 8 compatibility related to key color
  • fix: iOS: fix to app crash when inserting in split mode
  • fix: iOS: compilation error on sql command
  • fix: SAC 37003: syntax error related to maxrows usage in Query Object
  • fix: SAC 36959 - .net win compilation issue related to suggest and input type descriptions
  • fix: IDE: fix related to validation of control info when importing attributes
  • fix: Android: fix to memory usage when uploading image
  • fix: Android: fix to app crash with slide navigation 
  • fix: Java win: SAC 36954 crash related to SWT and return command in work panel
  • improvements: many improvements related to Windows Phone generator.
  • fix: Web: http 403 error in transactions related to gxflow and others
  • fix: SAC# 36964 - Automatic Refresh and Internet Explorer 7 error

Preview 3 (Build 86442)

  • Web / smooth: SAC# 36578 - Error: HTTP Error 405.0 - Method Not Allowed when exporting to excel 
  • iOS 8: compatibility fix related to keycolor
  • iOS: crash related to network api
  • iOS 8: compatibility fix related to location handling 
  • iOS 8: fixes related to deprecated iOS apis
  • iOS: authentication failed when using ClientStart
  • IDE: fix related to extensibility / saving objects in K2BTools
  • Android: page position was not being preserved on MagazineViewer & PagedGrid
  • Android: compatibilty fix for Android 5.0 (duplicate key issue related to sqlite)
  • Web: fix to date serialization
  • Ruby: SAC# 36926 fix to wsdl generation
  • .NET: SQL command fixed
  • IDE / team development: fix nullreference exception related to merge
  • fix to textblocks with a colon in the caption
  • fix : SAC# 35480 - related to timezone of Date fields in SDTs of REST services
  • Web: fix related to rows property in transactions.
  • GXflow api: fix to workitem.load method
  • fix: SAC# 36927 GetEncryptionkey() could not be used in initial value property

Preview 2 (Build 86082 )

Released: November 19th, 2014

  • fix: Android: App crash when uploading an image
  • fix: compilation issues in RPG and Cobol with multiple generators per environment
  • fixes to gxflow entry point user control
  • fix: Java: some exceptions didn't appear in browser with Web User Experience = Smooth
  • fix: compilation issue in Objective-c
  • crash fixes to .net win apps in windows 8
  • fix: wsdl wasn't generated correctly in Ruby in some cases
  • fix: offline: synchronization issues regarding images
  • fix: web: addlines method didn't work in web user experience = smooth
  • fix: convertion issue fixed (SAC 36838)
  • fix to printing pdf reports from browser in Chrome
  • fixes related to ios 8 deprecated apis
  • fix: java: fixes regarding web components in modules
  • fix: ios: fix related to beacons & permissions api

Preview 1 (Build 85699)

Released: November 5th, 2014

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