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April 23rd, 2015: GeneXus X Evolution 2 Upgrade 7 has been released! (build 90633) 

GeneXus X Evolution 2 Upgrade 7 previews are part of the releasing process of Upgrade 7. They are intended to round up Upgrade 7 and facilitate adoption once released.

Features and compatibility information

Refer to GeneXus X Evolution 2 Upgrade 7


Build 90633 (Released as Upgrade 7)

  • Query Object: fix to issue related to conditions with .AND. and .OR.

Build 90471

  • PostgreSQL: fix to parameters casting in conditions with when clause (SAC 37445)

Build 90427

  • minor fix to pdf reports, fixes some issue relating to showing them in Chrome browser

Build 90335 (Release Candidate)

  • .NET Win: fix to scrolls and error messages

Build 90157

  • show protection version in license manager
  • fix to addday, addmth, addyr methods that receive operations in parameters

Build 90057

  • fix to support sending kb to gxserver when using sql server 2014

Build 89868

  • BPM: fix in BPDeployer.exe to avoid logging by default (increase default performance) 

Build 89818

  • BPM: fixes reorganization of GXflow's DB from X Evolution 1 Upgrade 8 to X Evolution 2 (any upgrade)
  • GAM: fixes in session / cache handling

Build 89652

Build 89650

  • fix: SAC 37342, related to user event execution and Android 2.3.*

Build 89490

  • List of remote programs could not be a file (@<filename>)

Build 89206

  • fix: SAC 37140, related to forecolor property of a grid column and conversion from GX 9.0

Build 89171

  • iOS: fix related to GoHome and Tabs

Build 89038

  • fix: SAC 37341 Prompt didn't return value to control in web component if focus was not on control
  • Fix to SDK Setup

Build 89001

  • fix: grid wasn't refreshed when order changed

Build 88871

  • fix: Web: Automatic refresh was triggered while entering a date filter and not after validating it.

Build 88775

  • fix: Android: Edit box didn't work well when setting enabled = 0 and enabled=1 after it.

Builds 88674, 88726, 88737

  • fixes in Setup and KBN (do not affect product)

Preview stage started at Build 88639 on February 19, 2015

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