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07/20/2015 - GeneXus X Evolution 3 Upgrade 3 has been released! (build 92797) 

GeneXus X Evolution 3 Upgrade 3 previews are part of the releasing process of Upgrade 3. They are intended to round up Upgrade 3 and facilitate adoption once released.

Features and compatibility information

Refer to GeneXus X Evolution 3 Upgrade 3


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Build 92797 (July 20th)

  • New Setup including protect.dll in order to fix some 'license suspended' issues

Build 92797 (July 14th)

  • IDE, GXserver: Stack Overflow importing an abstract form with a html form inside that have a control with an invalid reference to a sdt item - control

Build 92611 (July 6th)

  • Web: fix to att image updating a two level transaction

Build 92358 (June 25th)

  • IDE: fix to validation when saving objects generated by workwith pattern that have custom code
  • iOS: fix to caching mechanism
  • Web: fix to visible property of grids when Web UX = Smooth
  • Web: fix to nested grids and events when Web UX = Smooth
  • Web: fix to onlineactivate and multiple grids.
  • Web: fix to new in 3 level nested grid
  • Web: some numbers where shown multiplied by 100 in some cases
  • GAM: fix to repository GUID handling when importing with GAM deploy tool.
  • .NET: fix to informix datatypes handling ("Input string was not in a correct format.")
  • .NET: fix to .net generator when windows mobile framework was installed
  • Spec: fix to compilation issue due to concurrency problem in generation in .NET
  • fixes in GXflow clients setups

Build 92046 (June 13th)

  • fix in GXflow clients setups
  • fix: WIN: when hiding a radio button, the rectangle that contains it wasn't hidden

Build 91972

  • fix: There is already an open DataReader, using data provider to load dynamic combo box

Build 91096

  • .NET SQL Server: fix to cursors handling in recursive procedures when connection string has MultipleActiveResultSets=true

Build 91852 (June 6th)

  • RWD: fix to prompt button in web component
  • Applet for printing has been updated with a new certificate that expires in 2017
  • .NET: fix to web.config when using absolute paths for static content directory ("Hidden Segments may not contain a '/' or '\' character")
  • Ruby: fix to pdf generation
  • Web: fix to 403 forbidden in object with smooth UI
  • Web: fix to setfocus method

Build 91618

Released: May 29th, 2015

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