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Tested and ready for development on Windows 10, GeneXus X Evolution 3 Upgrade 3 features GeneXus ERP Connector for SAP, it improves Responsive Web Design and Smooth features.


  • Several security fixes have been done for Android apps.
  • Android supports now Font Category too, basically when you adopt Font Category you get:


    • Automatic adjustments to letter spacing and line height for every font size.</automatic>

    • The ability to specify text style semantically such as Body, Footnote, etc

    • Text that respond appropriately when user changes their preferred text size settings.


  • Xcode 6.3 is required to compile applications.


  • Java: Cloud Prototyping Default Server changed to which has Tomcat 7. See Servers available for Cloud prototyping
  • POP3Session: Support for inline images
  • Click on labels of check boxes and radio buttons
  • More logging information is saved.

Database access 

  • Paging support improved for Oracle 12c and SQL Server 2012 or higher
  • .NET: performance improvements for MySQL 
  • GAM: performance improvements when using GetId() and other API methods

BPM & Reporting

  • GXflow's metadata is included in order to build Reports (using Query Objects / Query Viewer) and analyze data flows.

Windows Phone (Beta)


  • Debugger support in KBs with Modules
  • HDPI support improved in many ways (further improvements upcoming in upgrade 4)
  • Improvements for Team development (performance and stability)
  • Import / export (commit & update) performance improved
  • Old icons were updated to X Evolution 3 icon set
  • GeneXus taskbar icon indicates build progress


Compatibility Notes for X Evolution 3 Upgrade 2 Users

  • Procedures "GXOnPendingEventFailed" and "GXAfterEventReplicator" are going to be overwritten on first build with this Upgrade, which means that any existing code programmed in these procedures is going to be lost. Nevertheless, you can recover your code from a previous revision in the History of any of these objects. This is because of a new interface which allows the versioning of these services. See OfflineEventReplicator procedure for more information.
  • Patterns, Extensions and User Controls compatibility package number changed to 86463. That is to say that they have to be rebuilt using the GeneXus SDK X Evolution 3 Upgrade 3  in order to be loaded in GeneXus X Evolution 3 Upgrade 3.
    • Notes for extension builders:
      a) Deprecated methods in this version: 
      IKBModelObjects.Get(Guid type, string name)
      IKBModelObjects.GetKey(Guid type, string name)  
      More information at 
      Extensions and Patterns Compatibility in GeneXus X Evolution 3
      b) Value "WhenVariablesInConditionsChange" of Properties.WBP.AutomaticRefresh_Values changed to "Yes"
  • spc0197: error '''%1'' should be exposed as a REST protocol Web Service.' This message was considered as warning and is now considered as error.
  • Cells may show up different if Table class has some properties set. SAC 37440

Compatibility Notes for X Evolution 3 Upgrade 1 or prior Users

Please refer to GeneXus X Evolution 3 Upgrade 2 too.


See GeneXus X Evolution 3 Upgrade 3 Preview for details

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