GeneXus X Evolution 3 Overhauled Web Applications UX and UI

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User experience (UX) best practices promote quality improvement in the user's interaction with the application. In this sense, GeneXus X Evolution 3 generates modern web applications - on any device and screen size- with an enhanced UX, and improved interaction with end users.



The industry's big players are imposing new standards. Users are getting used to the User interfaces and experiences of Facebook, Google's Gmail, and other high interactive applications. They also expect to have these user interfaces in the applications we develop. And this means the need for characteristics related to showing data in real time, and refreshing independent components and transitions, all of which enables a smooth UX: 

Web Smooth UX


Web applications must be accessible from any device of any size. This requires the develop of applications that, once designed, will function on all devices and will react accordingly to the display's size. This is known as Responsive Web Design, and it is available in GeneXus X Evolution 3 as well. 

Responsive Web Design in GeneXus

Other Features

Some other features have been added that can be used with Responsive Layouts or not, with Smooth UI or not, but help to build a better UX

Progress Indicator


The following are special considerations we should take into account when generating with any of the Evolution 3 Web generators: