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Not just GeneXus itself, but the whole suite has been updated so that the complete suite can be adopted.

Business Process Management - BPM

Both Engine and Clients have been improved.
The GXflow engine can have it's own data store - named 'gxflow' - and schema: GXflow Support for Independent Data Store.
On the other side a Backend in the Navigator provides customization options for Menus, Components and Actions:GXflow Standard Client Customization. Permissons can be set too at component and action level.

GXflow Support for Dynamic FormsWith Dynamic Forms the user will be able to create forms at runtime by associating them to Business Process Diagram Object and executing them.

Finally Smart Devices objects can be associated to Interactive Tasks and let you build a completeley native GXflow inbox: GXflow - Support for calling native Smart Device applications.

More information here: GeneXus Business Process Management Suite (GeneXus X Evolution 3)

Team Development

Stability improvements that impact from small to big teams, small and big knowledge bases have been made to this version. Also, revisions of version, environments, generators and data stores are kept in the Knowledge base so that they can be traced and also sent and updated via GXserver: Property Revisions - Versions, Environments, Generators, and Data Stores.

More information here: GeneXus Server X Evolution 3

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