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We often need to maintain tables organized in different Data Stores. One case is when access to private information must be restricted, in other words: for security reasons.
When GeneXus X Evolution 2 or prior versions are used, Workflow Tables are created in the same Data Store as the application tables, sharing the User ID Property and User Password Property — same credentials. However, as of GeneXus X Evolution 3 RC (codename: Tilo)  having an independent Data Store is supported.


  • To use this feature, the secondary Data Store name must be 'GXFLOW', otherwise GeneXus will not use it for hosting workflow tables and the default Data Store will be used as usual. 
  • When all properties of the secondary Data Store 'GXFLOW' are defined by default except for Schema Name Property, the secondary Data Store is used only for defining the Workflow Table schema. As a result, the GXflow engine commits all operations to the default Data Store, and the GXflow engine operations have the same LUW as the rest of the application, though a schema is defined for workflow tables. 
  • DB2 for iSeries and MySQL Data Stores do not support the dynamic schema feature.


  • For compatibility reasons, this feature doesn't affect behavior when the 'GXFLOW' Data Store is not defined. And will not consider the Schema Name Property when it is defined in the default Data Store. 

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