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Most cases call for the customization of GXflow applications— as in most applications. So, different look & feels, menus, components and actions per application are to be defined. When using GeneXus X Evolution 2 or prior versions, this is only possible when the GXflow Entry Point User Control or Workflow Data Types (GeneXus X) are used in a user-designed application — Custom Client. However, as of GeneXus X Evolution 3 RC (codename: Tilo) the GXflow Standard Client includes several features that enable its customization.

The new functionalities are as follows:

  • Adding new actions: new actions/buttons may be defined on existing components linking to any user defined object.
  • Adding new items: new items may be defined for existing menus — like GXflow Desktop, GXflow Process Manager ... —  allowing access to user-defined applications.
  • Adding new menus: new menus — like a custom GXflow Desktop, GXflow Process Manager ... — may be defined allowing access to items from a group.


As of GeneXus X Evolution 3 RC (codename: Tilo)

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