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This article explains how to create a new menu in GXflow Client.

Step 1 - Run the GXflow Standard Client

First, open your GXflow Standard Client application. To do so, right-click on a Business Process Diagram object and select Run:


Step 2 - Login

Log in with a user that has the role GXflow Backend Administrator —see GXflow Management Console for details on how to manage users and roles— for example the WFADMINISTRATOR user.

Note: When using GeneXus Access Manager (GAM), the GAM Backoffice must be used in order to manage users, roles and permissions.

Step 3 - Open the Menus component

Open the Menus component by selecting it —it is located under the GXflow Backend node.


The GXflow Menus dialog will be opened.

Step 4 - Create a new Menu

Press the "NEW" button, and set the properties as follows:


Note: When using GAM a permission will be created once the menu is created. The permission will be created with the name "{MENU_ID}"; in this case: "MyMenu".

Step 5 - Add components to the Menu

Next, in order to use the newly created GXflow Menu you must add some components to it. For simplicity purposes, add to it some existing GXflow Components.

To do so select the new menu and press the "COMPONENTS" button. A dialog will be displayed for you to select the component to be added or removed from the menu:


Note: you can rearrange the components by selecting them and using the arrow buttons.

Step 6 - Done!

Lastly, test your menu. To do so, add permissions for the "MyMenu" menu to a role, and log in with a user that has permissions to use the newly created menu— for example use WFADMINISTRATOR. Then open it.

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