HowTo: Use GXflow Entry Point User Control

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This user control is used to embed any of the GXflow components in the generated applications.

How to Install It

Unzip the file in the UserControls folder. Execute GeneXus with /install and open GeneXus.

Note: You can find the zip here: <GeneXusX>\Packages\GXPM\Extra, where <GeneXusX> is the GeneXus installation folder. The UserControls folder is in the GeneXus installation folder.

Using the control

To use the GXflow Entry Point control, drag the control from the toolbox to a Web Panel and you will get the following:


To use the control, change at least the following properties:


  • Set the EntryPoint property to the desired GXflow component.
  • Set the Connection group with a valid username and password, or set a Workflow session with a valid username or password as shown below:

&Session has webSession type.

Then, when executing your WebPage using the control, you should get the GXflow component within your application:


Control Properties


  • This User Control is included in the GXflow U3 Preview #1 or higher version. Check the SAC # 26110 for more information.

  • Remember that "GXflowEntryPointUC.ProcessInstanceId  = <value>" only applies to "History" entry point. 


If loading an XPZ fails with "error: User control 'GXflowEntryPoint' is used by some object(s) but is not installed in this GeneXus instance. Please install it and retry." install this User Control. (keyword: gxflowentrypoint )