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This article describes how to migrate your GXflow Application.


To be able to migrate, your origin KB's version must be at least Evolution 2, if its version is prior see this article 

Steps to follow

Before starting a conversion it is advisable to backup your KB.

The process will vary depending on whether you are in Development or Production environment.

If you are in Development environment follow the steps provided in the article GeneXus X Knowledge Base Conversion Process to migrate your Knowledge Base. No extra considerations are needed when you include GXflow in the conversion.

If you are in Production environment you need to use the Business Process Deployer to impact the production database. See this article for further information. Needed reorganizations will be done automatically.

GXflow-GAM integration

In case the application you are migrating, in addition to GXflow, is also using GAM and is being migrated to GeneXus 16 or higher, it is necessary to run the exe "apwfmigrateuserstogam" and then assign the "GXflow public" role to all GXflow users from the GAM backend. This is because starting from GeneXus 16, when using GAM and GXflow, the first check performed when a user logs into GXflow is to verify if they have been assigned this role.

For more information about the integration of GAM and GXflow and how to run the exe, visit: GXflow - GAM Integration

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