HowTo: Incorporate a new GeneXus object into a Workflow process from GXBPM

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This document addresses a scenario where a deployed GeneXus application uses GXflow to manage Business Process.

In addition, the GeneXus Business Process Modeler (GXBPM) is used to make changes to Business Processes directly in the test and/or production environment. On one hand, there's the GeneXus development team, and on the other there are process analysts who use the GXBPM to make changes to process flows. Then, these changes are impacted in the production environment using the GXBPM Deployment feature.

Suppose it is necessary to add a new task to a process and to implement a new screen for it, for example, a new Web Panel. To do so, you'll have to create the Web Panel as usual, from the KB and using GeneXus. However, the difference is that the “Callable from Workflow” property of this object must be set to “True”.

This step is required for the newly generated object to have the necessary interfaces to be invoked from a Workflow process. After running the test, the deployment tasks are performed so that this new object is published in the production environment.

Next, an export of the GeneXus object needs to be sent to the process analyst, in order to be added to the GXBPM. This new object can be used in the necessary processes and the changes made to these processes can be deployed, because this object has already been compiled in the production environment.