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GeneXus Business Process Management (BPM) Suite is a set of tools that enables you to model a Business Process, convert the model into a functional application, run and monitor the application, and optimize their results by offering a tool for each stage in the BPM Cycle.

Suite Features

  • Business Process Management: Model, automate, manage, and optimize your Business Processes.
  • System Generation: Automatically generate the application you modeled, no coding needed.
  • Easy Customization: Customize your Inbox through GXBPM API and adapt it to your particular needs with ease.
  • Document Management: Include the management of your documents as part of your Business Processes. Digitally sign, improve speed, and reduce costs.
  • Adaptability: Enable your users to change the process execution, making everyday ad-hoc decisions.
  • Collaboration: Delegate, collaborate, and divide tasks among multiple users, routinely or in special situations (out of the office).
  • Role-based security: Manage the authentication and authorization of your system through users and roles.
  • Business Activity Monitoring: Get Reports and Analytics to detect and leverage improvement opportunities.
  • Easy Deployment: Seamlessly deploy your company's processes. With GeneXus, you'll be just one click away.

Flow-based application development is easy in GeneXus since GXflow is fully integrated into GeneXus:

DiagramBPM_png SignInUnanimo_png

Integration occurs at several levels:

  • You can create Business Process Diagrams inside GeneXus or use the GeneXus Business Process Modeler. This simplifies many tasks, making it easy to bind activities to objects.
  • GXflow is aware of the fact that an object is being used in a diagram and it automatically generates additional entry points so that the program is ready to be invoked by the workflow engine, without requiring the user to make any changes. This greatly simplifies the process of creating applications with Workflow components and, especially, of adding WorkFlow to an already existing application.
  • Mapping of Workflow Data Application with attributes.
  • Workflow development cycle integrated into GeneXus (impact, prototyping, etc.).

For a guide on how to develop a full BPM application (from modeling to process execution), refer to My first BPM Application.

For a complete online course on how to develop a full BPM application (from modeling to process execution and optimization), refer to GeneXus BPM Suite course

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