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Suppose that from an application associated with activity "A" you want to complete the workitem associated with activity "B." In this case, the workflow context workitem is the one corresponding to activity "A" and not to activity "B." Consequently, you must iterate in the collection of workitems associated with the process instance to search for the one corresponding to activity "B." One of the processes to do this is shown below:

&workitems = &wfprocessinstance.Workitems
For &i = 1 to &workitems.Count
	&workitem = &workitems.Item(&i)
	&activity = &workitem.Activity
	If &activity.Name = 'B'

Where the variable data is as follows:

&wfprocessInstance 	– WorkflowProcessInstance
&workitems 		– WorkflowWorkitem (collection property = yes)
&activity		– WorkflowActivity
&i			– Numeric(4)

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