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This article explains the steps needed to configure the GXflow client for Native Mobile.

Step 1 - Create a new Knowledge Base from server

Create Knowledge Base from server
Check out GXflowMXCustomClient Knowledge Base.

Step 2 - Add your own referenced Mobile objects

You can create your own Business Process Diagrams referencing custom mobile objects. In such a case, you must edit the WorkflowMobileCalled object and write calls to each of the referenced objects.


Note: If you have already a KB with your own Business Process Diagrams objects, instead of adding new Business Process Diagrams to the GXflowMXCustomClient Knowledge Base, you should follow this article: HowTo: Configure GXflow Client for Native Mobile from xpz

Step 3 - Make a Build All

Make sure the chosen platform (Android and/or Apple) is enabled to be generated.

Step 4 - Run

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