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What is XPDL?

XPDL is a serialization format for BPMN. BPMN is a visual process notation standard from the OMG, endorsed by Workflow Management Coalition, and broadly adopted across the industry. BPMN standard defines only the look of how the process definition is displayed on the screen. XPDL provides a file format that supports every aspect of the BPMN process definition notation including graphical descriptions of the diagram, as well as executable properties used at run time.

What is this for?

This format allows storing and interchanging process definitions among Business Process Modeling tools. With XPDL, a product can write out a process definition with full fidelity, and another product can read it in and reproduce the same diagram that was sent.

Which versions are supported by GeneXus?

XPDL 2.2 support was added to GeneXus X Evolution 2 Upgrade 2.

XPDL 2.1 support was added to GeneXus X Evolution 2 Upgrade 1.

See also

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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<Package xmlns:xsi="" xmlns:xsd="" Id="716fda9c-f689-49a1-a898-6d0cf6cc9460" Name="BPDiagram1" xmlns="">
  <Created>23/01/2013 01:10:45 p.m.</Created>
  <ModificationDate>23/01/2013 01:10:45 p.m.</ModificationDate>
  <Documentation />
<ExternalPackages />
<Participants />
  <Pool Id="f840edcc-490f-4ad3-9770-23f1edfdd2ae" Name="Main process" Process="716fda9c-f689-49a1-a898-6d0cf6cc9460" BoundaryVisible="false">
   <Lanes />
    <NodeGraphicsInfo Height="0" Width="0">
     <Coordinates XCoordinate="0" YCoordinate="0" />
<MessageFlows />
<Associations />
<Artifacts />
  <WorkflowProcess Id="716fda9c-f689-49a1-a898-6d0cf6cc9460">
    <Created>23/01/2013 11:56:59 a.m.</Created>
   <ActivitySets />
    <Activity Id="73038286-28ab-4471-b1f9-0754c7fc0493" Name="Task">
       <TaskUser />
     <ExtendedAttributes />
      <NodeGraphicsInfo ToolId="GeneXus_Business_Process_Modeler" Height="50" Width="130">
       <Coordinates XCoordinate="361" YCoordinate="181" />
   <Transitions />

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