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Through this application, the process administrator user can monitor the tasks of the different processes existing in the workflow system.

The following figure shows the Tasks application interface:



  • History
    It allows viewing the process history.
  • Reassign
    It allows reassigning a workitem.
  • High Priority
    It allows setting high priority to the process.
  • Low Priority
    It allows setting a low priority to the process.
  • Skip
    It allows completing a workitem without executing it.
  • Undo
    It allows undoing a task.
  • Comments
    It allows accessing the process comments.
  • Documents
    It allows accessing the process documents.
  • View History
    It allows viewing the process history.

Task Grid

This grid has the following options:

options_202210412133_1_png It allows selecting the columns that should be visible.

Refresh_2022104121355_1_png It allows refreshing the grid.

It is possible to sort some columns by clicking on their title.

This grid has the following columns:

  • Priority
    The column represented by the priority icon shows each task priority. The following options are used to indicate the priority:
    • High priority

    • Low priority

    • If no icon is shown, the task priority is normal.

  • Warning
    Some tasks may have a deadline to be completed. Through this column, the user can visualize the tasks with upcoming deadlines. The presence of the deadline icon in this column indicates that the corresponding task is approaching its deadline.
  • Id
    Process Id
  • Process Instance Id
    Process Instance Id
  • Subject
    Process Instance subject
  • Process
    Process Definition name
  • Version
    Process Definition version
  • Task
    Task Name
  • State
    Process Instance State
  • User
    Task assigned user
  • Role
    Task assigned role
  • Created
    Process Instance date created
  • Ended
    Process Instance date ended
  • Deadline
    It allows filtering by those tasks whose deadline will be reached soon.
  • Group by this field
    It allows grouping the process instances by the column selected
  • Show in groups
    It allows grouping the process instances by the column selected.
  • Filters
    It allows filtering the process instances.

Notice: Organizational units are not filtered due to performance issues.

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